Annual Meetings

Annual Meetings

Minutes of Annual General Meeting November 14, 2019


As per the Bylaws and Constitution of the Glebe Little League (GLL), an Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on November 14, 2019 between the hours of 19:00 and 20:00 at 225 Marché Way, Lansdowne Park, Ottawa, Ontario.

Attendees included: William Barlow, Brent Dark, David Pierce, Gilles Constant, Camielle Lang, Glen MacEachern, James Zeni, Eric Torunski, Paul Cavanaugh, David Steffler, and Allan Martel.

The President GLL thanked all attendees for taking time to be at the AGM. Each attendee was asked to describe briefly their connection to GLL and asked to comment on their 2018 experience within the GLL.

  1. The Agenda for the meeting was reviewed and approved.
  2. The Minutes for the 2018 AGM were approved insofar as no attendees at the 2018 meeting sent comments or corrections after the 2018 Minutes were circulated to all attendees. The 2019 Minutes approvals process will be identical to that used in 2018.  Attendees were asked to make any required additions, deletions or corrections to the 2019 AGM Minutes on or before November 30, 2019.
  3. The Treasurer’s Report, as submitted by Greg Thorpe, Treasurer GLL, was reviewed in detail and accepted as presented.
  • The attendees endorsed the recommendation from Greg Thorpe to repay the $5,000 loan still outstanding to the President GLL.
  • Eric Torunski requested that apparel be listed as a separate line item in future reports. Further clarification of the Tournament Expenses line item was also requested.
  1. The compelling requirement for additional support to operate the GLL was described in detail. Several key Board of Directors (BoD) positions are either currently vacant or about to become so during or after the 2020 season.  Current needs include: VP Admin; Juniors, Majors, Minors, Rookies and T-Ball Conveners; Sponsorship; and Apparel Coordinator.  By the end of the 2020 season, several additional key posts will become vacant including: VP Ops; Player Agent; Registrar; Treasurer; and President.  The President asked attendees if they were prepared to volunteer to fill any of the vacant positions on the BoD for 2020.
    • The appointment of Camielle Lang to the BoD in the roles of Communications & Marketing was confirmed.
    • David Pierce agreed to act as Rookies Convener for 2020.
    • Brent Dark accepted the post of Minors Convener for 2020.
    • Glen MacEachern accepted the post of Majors Convener for 2020.
    • The posts of Juniors and T-Ball Convener remain vacant.
    • Steve Johnston has indicated his willingness to act as U19 Convener for 2020
    • Jason Parry has agreed to continue to act as Seniors Convener for 2020
    • Gilles Constant agreed to become a Director-at-Large on the 2020 GLL BoD with duties to be specified later.
  2. In the ensuing discussion, Glen noted that he was aware of a few parents who, though unwilling to become a BoD member, would be willing to take on assigned tasks on behalf of the BoD. Apparel Coordination was described as one possible activity that could be devolved from the BoD in this manner.  The President asked Glen to get back to him with suggestions of individuals prepared to provide BoD support in this manner.  Allan also mentioned that Scott Taylor is the Volunteer Coordinator for the BoD and that this activity would be best directed by Scott.
  3. A review of the 2019 GLL season by Division level yielded the following comments and suggestions:
    • T-Ball – William Barlow Convener – highly successful season operated at Brantwood and Manor Park. About 25 players in Spring, Summer and Fall T-Ball.  Extending the season beyond Spring was new and very successful.  William Barlow was thanked for his efforts re T-Ball in 2019.  The President warned members of an OCDSB proposal to pave over one of the Manor Park fields to provide additional teacher parking.  This is objected to by all Community Associations in the area and may not happen.  The President also indicated that the proposal to allow dogs to run free over the baseball diamonds at Brantwood seems to have been withdrawn and defeated.
    • Rookies – David Pierce Convener – highly successful season – over 70 players between Brantwood and Manor Park. Teams were too large – opt for 13 players per team average in 2020 as opposed to the 17 per team extant in 2019.  Three seasons of play as per T-Ball – a first and highly successful.  The request to install two new Green Boxes (one each at Brantwood and Manor Park) to separate Rookies and T-Ball equipment was approved.
    • Minors & Majors – Nick Sanders & Heather Eldridge Conveners – The experiences in 2019 Majors and Minors Divisions were mixed. Tiering to set up “A” and “B” level teams was mostly successful, but too may “A” teams meant that the “B” level teams were stripped of key assets (pitching and catching).  Also, parents objected to interlock scheduling for “B” level play, (e.g. – driving to Wendover and being mercy-ruled every inning) – an issue that will be addressed in 2020.
    • Juniors – Greg Veysey Convener – The Juniors experience in 2019 was also mixed. The “A” level team was weakened by the call up of its best players to join the Seniors Division “A” team.  Interlock scheduling was chaotic and needs to be improved for 2020.  “B” level teams will likely not play a full interlock schedule in 2020.
    • Seniors – Jason Parry Convener – The Seniors “A” team, D6 Champions, made it to the Provincial Playoffs in Windsor in 2019.
    • U19 – Steve Johnston Convener – The GLL U19 team continued its tradition of winning the U19 season championship once again in 2019.
    • All Girls Baseball – Camielle Lang Convener – GLL partnered with Ottawa West to put a team into the All Girls League for 7 to 12 year olds. The “GLOW” team was competitive and the girls enjoyed their experience.  GLL will field one or more full or partial All Girls teams in 2020.

The Meeting ended at 20:00.


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