Extended Spring Baseball


Extended Spring Baseball will take place in June and July as an alternative to our competitive Summer Ball program.  Extended Spring Baseball is all about fun and developing further the skills acquired in Spring Ball.  There are no Sort Outs, no try outs, no travel to distant fields and no tiering of teams.  Everyone who regsters plays in the at the same level within their Divisions.

Our teams will focus on playing with friends; our schedule will not be interlocked with other Associations – instead we will build larger than normal teams to allow for summer holiday absences.  We might just play mostly pick up baseball, assigning players to ad hoc teams based on who shows up. We might even mix Minors with Majors or Rookies with Minors just for the fun of it.  We will encourage watermelons, bulk lemonade and anything else that can turn a hot summer’s day into a fun day.

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