Baseball Schedules

Winter – Skills Training

Winter Ball was first offered in 2017 due to popular demand for a fun way for players to learn and maintain baseball skills during the winter months. In 2018, we founded the Glebe Little League Baseball Academy and expanded our winter baseball skills training program to more divisions, thanks to lots of great player and coach enthusiasm!

The Skills Training offered through the Glebe Little League Baseball Academy consists of weekly baseball skills training sessions offered on  Saturdays at one or more indoor facilities in Ottawa East .  The cost for these sessions are included in your Spring Baseball registration fee for Rookies, Minors and Majors.

Spring League

Individual team schedules during the Spring and Summer are managed by coaches and managers, and communicated directly to parents; they are not posted on this site. Coaches/managers will also communicate directly by e-mail in the event of changes to the schedule (e.g., cancellation due to lightning, tournament play, practices).

2021 Baseball Schedule 

T-Ball – East (Manor Park) Tuesdays & Thursdays or West (Brantwood), Mondays & Wednesdays, 6:00-7:30 pm
Rookie Baseball – East (Manor Park) or West (Brantwood), Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6:00-8:00 pm
Minor Baseball – 2 games/week (Mainly Tue/Thu but occasional Fridays) and 1 weekend practice
Major Baseball – 2 games/week (two of Mon/Wed/Fri) and 1 weekend practice
Junior Baseball – days vary – 2 games/week (Mon-Thu) and 1 weekend practice
Senior Baseball – days vary – 2 games/week (Mon-Thu) and 1 weekend practice
U19 Baseball – days vary – 2 games/week (Mon-Thu) and 1 weekend practice

For Junior, Senior and U19 baseball, district-operated sites will also post baseball schedules for those divisions in interlock play with other Baseball Leagues in the region – follow this link to the D2 Web Site:

Spring Travel Ball Baseball Program

Where there is demand, our league forms Travel Ball (“All Star”) baseball teams in accordance Little League’s travel ball program which was initiated in 2015 and is designed to expand playing opportunities. The objective is to offer players a spring baseball program that runs concurrently with the house league baseball program during the spring baseball season (May/June) for those who want extra baseball practice and game time. Players who wish to continue in a competitive baseball program in the summer baseball season are not required to play Travel Ball.

NEW Extended Spring Baseball Program for 2020 NEW

Those players not interested in competitive baseball with an interlocked games schedule, the Glebe Little League will offer an extended Spring season for June, July and August.  Teams will be comprised of interested players by Division – there will be no Sort Outs and friends requests will be important determinants of where your child would play.  Depending on player interest, we plan to have one or two pickup games weekly with attendance optional since many families are not available all summer long.

Visit our Spring page for more information.

Summer Baseball League

Tryouts for the Summer Competitive Baseball League are convened in June for baseball from Minor Level through Senior Level, with regular games and practices, plus occasional baseball tournaments, from July 1 through the last week of August, and even the occasional bonus tournament in September. Players must play Spring House League baseball and have attended at least 50% of the games to qualify to play in the summer.

Fall Ball Baseball

Glebe Little League’s Fall Ball League begins with registration in Aug/Sept, and continues with regular baseball games and practices from Sept 1 through mid-October.