About GLL

Glebe Little League (GLL) is the oldest Little League in Canada, originally chartered in 1955 and operating continuously since that date. GLL is a community-based, volunteer-driven, not-for-profit children’s baseball organization serving the communities of the Glebe, Centretown, Lowertown, Sandy Hill, Ottawa East, Old Ottawa South, Vanier and Gloucester, dedicated to providing both House and Competitive level baseball and T-ball for young players, both boys and girls, age 4 to 19, as well as coaching, umpiring and other volunteer opportunities for community members of all ages.

GLL Catchment Area

If you reside in the blue area on the map to the right and/or if your child attends school within the blue area, you are eligible tohave your child(ren) play baseball within the Glebe Little League.

For more detail about the Glebe Little League catchment area, and for a list with directions of the fields that we play on, please click here.

The answers to most other frequently – asked questions can be found here.

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Glebe Little League has been part of Ottawa´s community sport scene since 1955 – reputedly the oldest officially chartered Little League in all of Canada, and certainly one of the most active and longest continually-running youth sports organizations in the region. We are a volunteer-driven not-for-profit organization with a generous and discreet assistance program that ensures that every child who wants to play baseball can do so. We offer spring house league (May and June), summer competitive leagues (July and August) and Fall Ball programs for boys and girls aged 4 through 19 years. (see Registration for programs, eligibility, and registration forms).  We also offer the Glebe Baseball Academy, offering Winter Baseball Skills Training from January through April.

As part of Ontario District 6 (essentially the eastern portion of the National Capital Region) we enjoy a close collaboration (and friendly baseball rivalry) with our fellow Little Leagues in the District, consisting of: South Ottawa Little League, Orleans Little League, Prescott-Russell Little League and Carleton-Russell Little League. We often join forces at the more senior and advanced levels of baseball with some of our fellow Little Leagues. (see District 6 Ontario for information and links to our fellow Little Leagues in the eastern part of the National Capital.)

In summer baseball competition, our play extends to our western friends (and rivals) in Ontario District 2, namely: Ottawa West Little League, East Nepean Little League, Kanata Little League, and West Carleton-Arnprior Little League.

Rules and Philosophy

Rules of equal play are mandated and designed to ensure all players have fun and enjoy a positive experience playing baseball in our league. Baseball players are entitled to equal playing time and will be rotated fairly through all baseball playing positions as they display to skills to play the position safely. Spring baseball involves learning the rules, skills and strategy of baseball as well as reinforcing fair play, good sportsmanship and dealing with competition with a positive attitude.

Our baseball coaches are volunteers who put a great deal of time and energy into coaching our baseball teams. We consider it a privilege to be involved with children in a baseball coaching role. Baseball training clinics are provided by the league and many of our baseball coaches have played the game. Parents and players must keep in mind that baseball coaches are learning as well and are not perfect. People interested in undertaking the privileged position baseball coaches enjoy, should indicate this when registering their children and plan to attend the baseball coaching clinic in mid-April. Details will be posted as soon as they become available. Because our baseball league relies on volunteers, parents are expected to support their child’s baseball experience by volunteering in some capacity.

For more information on our policies and code of conduct, please see the Policies & Procedures section.

The Value of Playing Baseball

  1. Acquire an appreciation for an active lifestyle.
  2. Develop a positive self-concept to mastering baseball skills.
  3. Learn how to work as part of a baseball team.
  4. Develop social skills.
  5. Learn about managing success and disappointment.
  6. Learn good sportsmanship in baseball and in life.
  7. Learn respect for others.
  8. Have fun!

What Division Will My Child Play In?

GLebe Little League offers baseball programs for girls and boys from age 4 to 19.  Our registration system for Spring and Summer baseball is designed to place your child in the correct age division, based on their “league age,” as defined by the International Little League organization. You can use the “GLL 2021 Age Chart” table to determine your child’s appropriate division.  The registration system puts children into the corrrect Division automatically based on their birth date.

Baseball Divisions and “league ages” generally break down as follows, but for some baseball divisions it depends on the month.

  • T-Ball – 4-6 yrs
  • Rookie – 7-8 yrs
  • Minor – 9-10 yrs
  • Major – 11-12 yrs
  • Junior – 13-14 yrs
  • Senior – 15-16 yrs
  • 19U – 17-19 yrs

Occasionally, baseball players may play down a level if they are brand new to baseball or haven’t quite hit their growth spurt yet.  Size and ability are important factors but safety is always the number one priority.


We recognize that sometimes parents and players have concerns they wish to express. The general procedure is to direct your concern, enquiry, or suggestion (compliments and offers of help are welcome too!) to the league contact who is “closest to the ground” and to work your way up the line only if needed, in this general order:

    • Team Coach, Assistant Coach or Administrative Volunteer
    • Division Convenor (e.g., Rookie Convenor, Minors Convenor, etc. – please ask your coach)
    • Registrar (if a registration or fee payment issue)
    • Umpire in Chief (if more general issue, or if game-day issue not adequately addressed)
    • President (if more general issue, or if issue not adequately addressed through the other channels)
    • District 6 Administrator (if issue applies to other Leagues as well and/or if issue not adequately addressed within Glebe Little League)


For further inquiries about the Glebe Little League, please contact: president@glebelittleleague.ca