When does baseball start?

When does baseball start?
2018-04-19 glebeadmin

Nov 19, 2018

Registration for the combination of GLL Winterball and Springball opens in late December 2018.  You must register for GLL Springball in order to attend the GLL Winterball training sessions at no extra cost and on an “as you can make it” basis for 9 sessions between January 12th and March 30th.

Baseball for all Divisions for 2019 starts on January 12, 2019 with Winterball training at one of two venues:

T-Ball and Rookie Springball registrants will attend Winterball sessions at L’Ecole Ste Anne School located in Lowerton at 235 Beausoleil Street between 13H00 and 15H00.  See our Winterball page for detailed schedules for these 9 sessions.

Minors, Majors, Juniors and Seniors will attend Winterball sessions at Samuel Genest High School located in Ottawa East at 704 Carson Road.  Minors & Majors combined sessions are between 09H00 to 12H00; Juniors are between 12H00 to 14H00; and Seniors are between 14H00 to 16H00.  See our Winterball page for detailed schedules for these 9 sessions.

One of the first steps in team formation is the Sort Outs process.  For 2019, Sort Outs for Minor Division and higher will take place on April 6 or April 13, 20019 at the Louis Riel High School Dome in Blackburn Hamlet.  Please reserve one of these dates to attend these mandatory sessions.

Once sort outs are completed, our Player Agent, our Division Conveners and the GLL Executive get busy making balanced teams for each Division  and assigning coaches. We hope to be in a position to share team lists with coaches on or about April 21st with fine tuning at the Coaches’ meeting on Saturday, April 27. From there, coaches will be contacting participants.

In terms of on-field action, we are at the mercy of the weather, since fields need to be dry enough that playing on them will not cause irreparable damage.  It will be up to the City of Ottawa to “release” the fields to us once the risk of damage is past. All our field permits normally start Wednesday, May 1, 2018 so we could have practices that week. But again, we need the City’s permission to start.

Monitor our Glebe Little League main Web page the week of April 21, 2019 for frequent updates.


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