Summer Baseball

Summer Competitive Baseball

The Summer baseball program builds on the Spring program, providing an opportunity to play in July and August. The program is open to all of our Spring players who reside or go to school in our catchment area – a map is on the Where We Play page.

In general, your child must participate in their designated age division as Little League International rules are very strict for the summer competitive season for most divisions. If there are more players interested than can be accommodated in Glebe, we will refer players to other leagues that have space available. Every effort will be made to place all players who wish to play summer ball on a baseball team. While we try to include as many players as possible, it can be necessary to release players. Usually this will be due to numbers, for example 17 registrants which is too many for one baseball team but not enough for two.

In the summer divisions, Glebe plays in the Ottawa Summer Interlock baseball league with teams from other Ottawa area Little Leagues in District 6 (Carleton Russell, Prescott Russell, South Ottawa, Orleans) and District 2 (Ottawa West, East Nepean, Kanata).

Each age division will typically form either 1, 2 or maybe 3 summer baseball teams, however if there is enough interest we will attempt to field enough teams to meet the interest. There are no set nights for summer ball however baseball games are held during the week with occasional weekend games when necessary due to field availability.

Registration is requested PRIOR to tryout sessions. Players may not register at the tryout sessions. Refunds will be available to players who for whatever reason decide to withdraw from summer play prior to or during the tryout process, and for up to 3 days after notification of tryout results.

2019 Fees

Rookie: $120

Minors/Majors: $170

Junior/Senior: $170

Fees cover summer play in the interlock schedule. Baseball players at the Minor level and above will be expected to pay additional team fees in the range of $100-$190 for the apparel package. For All-Stars, there may also be additional fees for one extra tournament.

Players may not register at the tryout sessions. Full payment must be completed PRIOR to tryout sessions. Refunds will be available to players who for whatever reason decide to withdraw from summer play prior to or during the tryout process, and for up to 3 days after notification of tryout results.

Note: GLL will ensure that any player that wishes to play, regardless of personal or family financial circumstances, be able to play. See information under “Fee Subsidies” on the Registration Page for details.

Apparel Program

As mentioned above, there is  an additional cost for summer apparel of $120 – $190. Details will be provided once we know how many teams will be fielded at each division level.


Tryouts for the All-Star and Canadian level teams are conducted for Minor, Major, Junior and Senior. Specific times will be available in late March or early April. Players who self-select to the National division will not need to attend these sessions.

All Star “A” Teams

Glebe will field All Star baseball teams at Senior, Junior, Major, and Minor levels. All Star Teams are selected after a tryout process to be held in June. The All Star Teams represent our league in the World Wide Little League Baseball Tournament which starts with the District 6 playdowns and continues on to Provincial, Canadian and World Series Championships for the successful teams. Players on this team need to be available and committed to many baseball practices in preparation for district competition and are expected to be available for all district, provincial and national baseball games. Parents/players will be asked to sign a commitment letter to ensure a full understanding of the required commitment.

In order to be eligible for selection to an All Star baseball team, players must have played in 60% or more of the regular season scheduled baseball games in that same division of play (not including playoffs). They must also meet residency requirements.

All-star teams will also participate in the Summer Interlock Baseball League with other All Star Teams in the Ottawa Area. The summer baseball league has 2 games per week, one home and one away plus tournaments on some weekends.


ROOKIE Baseball

  • At the Rookie level, there are 2 types of summer teams: “A” or “Canadian” and “B” or “National
  • These players represent Glebe in the Summer Interlock Program where they play competitive teams from other leagues within Ottawa’s Districts 2 and 6.
  • In some cases, where player interest and coach availability is sufficient, Glebe may field a more than one team in the Summer Interlock Program. Additional teams are normally added at the “B” or “National” level.
  • All games are coach pitch and are played Mondays through Thursdays and possibly Sundays. The schedule is 2 games plus intermittent practices throughout the season.


The structure in these two divisions has changed over the past two years. In 2017 season both minor and major had the following format. The 2018 format will be communicated soon. In 2017:

  • One “All Star”  team that participates in the district Little League play downs and summer All Star level interlock schedule. This division used to be referred to as the Canadian Division in summer interlock.  Instead they will now be referred to as the “All Star” division.
  • Canadian Division.  A minimum of one team that competes in the Canadian division of summer interlock. This team will be comprised of the next strongest group of players.  (if numbers and skill allow there could be two teams placed in this division)
  • National Division.  All other players form teams in the National division of summer interlock.

JUNIOR Baseball

We plan to form one “all star” team which will compete in districts (and if successful provincials, nationals) and also in summer interlock.  We’ll also form one or two National teams which will compete in a summer interlock schedule.

SENIOR Baseball

In this division there has traditionally only been one summer “all star” team.  With the spring format moving to a tiered format, we hope there will be enough interested players to form a National summer division involving teams from across the city.


It is understood that summer time brings family holiday time, and we realize players are likely to be away for some games, perhaps even a couple of weeks at a time.  This should not stop you from registering your child.  You will be asked to indicate known/expected vacation times during the process to help us plan team rosters with vacations in mind.  We try to have an adequate number of players per team so that holiday absences are not problematic.

All Star level players must be available for tournament playdowns (districts, Provincials, etc.)  dates and we expect players on these teams to plan their holidays around these times.  Unavoidable absences must be disclosed and discussed with the team manager and league representatives.

Equipment/gear required:

  •  Baseball glove is required
  •  Running shoes are acceptable; but many kids prefer baseball cleats
  •  Athletic support (“cup”) for all players
  • GLL provides a few bats to each team. If players have their own, they are encouraged to bring them
  •  GLL provides a few batting helmets to each team. Again, if players have their own, they are encouraged to bring them.
  • GLL provides catching equipment for each team
  • For summer, some uniform elements will be provided (loaned jersey for all teams and hat and warm up shirt) at an additional cost.