Spring Programs

Glebe Little offers a Spring House League and Travel Ball program (for those who can’t play enough!) to boys and girls in our catchment area. Visit the Where We Play page to see a map of our zone.

Spring House League

The spring house league is our biggest and most popular program. It begins in May and for most divisions runs until the end of June. The Under-19 (U19), our oldest division, runs until early August. Teams play a 10-12 game schedule and there are playoffs in every division except T-Ball and Rookies. Every player receives a team shirt and ball cap.

The goal of spring ball is to provide a safe, fun, developmental environment for players, coaches and umpires. All players are assigned to a team – there are no “tryouts” – only sort out evaluations which help form fair and balanced teams as much as possible. Players are asked to attend one evaluation session so that their skill level can be assessed. Our programs are tiered into two levels for some divisions.

To find out what division your child is in, visit the Age Groups & Divisions page. To find the field locations, visit the Where We Play page.

For the first time this year, we are giving T-Ball players the  options to play in the East end at Manor Park or in Central Ottawa, at Brantwood Park in Old Ottawa East.

Program Details from 2018:

Division Program Days 2018 Early Bird Fee 2018 Regular Fee
T-Ball East (Manor Park) Tuesdays & Thursdays

West (Brantwood), Mondays & Wednesdays,


$135 $155
Rookies East (Manor Park) or West (Brantwood), Tuesdays & Thursdays,
$135 $155
Minor 2 games/week (Mainly Tue/Thu but occasional Fridays) and 1 weekend practice $175 $195
Major 2 games/week (two of Mon/Wed/Fri) and 1 weekend practice $175 $195
Junior Varies – 2 games/week (Mon-Thu) and 1 weekend practice $190 $210
Senior Varies – 2 games/week (Mon-Thu) and 1 weekend practice $190 $210
U19 Varies – 2 games/week (Mon-Thu) and 1 weekend practice
$275 $275

Equipment/gear required:

  •  Baseball glove is required.
  •  Running shoes are fine; some kids wear baseball cleats but they are definitely not required.
  •  Athletic support (“cup”) is only required for those interested in playing catcher
  •  GLL provides a few bats to each team. If players have their own, they are encouraged to bring them.
  •  GLL provides a few batting helmets to each team. Again, if players have their own, they are encouraged to bring them.
  •  GLL provides catching equipment for each team
  •  For spring, a team t-shirt, baseball pants and baseball cap are included in your fees

For additional background information, you can download our 2017 Spring House League Rules and 2017 Spring House League Team Handbook.

Travel Ball Program

GLL offers Travel Ball baseball teams in accordance Little League’s travel ball program which was initiated in 2015 and is designed to expand playing opportunities. The objective is to offer players additional spring practice and playing opportunities and runs concurrently with the house league program during the spring season (May/June). Players must play in the spring house league to play in the travel ball programs. Players who then wish to continue in a competitive program in the summer season will try out for summer teams in June.

Travel Ball Play

Teams will play on weekends. Specifics of the program will vary between divisions depending on available playing opportunities, availability of coaching and the objectives of the team.  Rosters can be larger given that players may not be available for every game or tournament.  League representatives work with each coach to determine the details for each team.  In general, play will consist of:

  •  Exhibition games with travel teams from other leagues (South Ottawa, Ottawa West, etc.) and other competitive teams in the area
  •  1-2 tournaments — some could be out of town
  •  Dedicated practices
  • For additional background information, download 2018 GLL Travel Ball Program-vfinal information
  • Visit this link to sign up (deadline MARCH 31, 2018): https://goo.gl/forms/3h1WcoLhEv0m9RaA3.

Evaluations/ Registration

Players interested in trying out will be evaluated during regular (house league) April evaluation sessions.  All players in the travel ball program are required to meet regular GLL boundary requirements (a map is on the Where We Play page) and must play spring baseball on a house league team.  In early April all registered house league players in Major, Junior and Senior will receive an email from the division convener asking players if they are interested in Travel Ball.

What to do if you are interested

  •  Register online asap for spring ball
  •  Let your division convenor know that you wish to be assessed for travel ball
  •  Attend the house league evaluation session for your division
  •  Fee: Cost per player will be announced before registration opens; it includes up to two tournaments.  Teams may collect a team fee to cover additional tournaments and other miscellaneous team costs.