Fall Ball

With our summer season coming to an end, it is time to start thinking about baseball this fall. Fall ball provides an opportunity for players and coaches to continue to develop their skills and meet some of their future teammates for next season. In fall ball, players register in the division they will be playing in next season – for example, players who were second year minors (age 10) this year play in the major division with this year’s first year majors, second year majors play in the junior division etc.

To verify how old your player was this season, please see the following chart;


We hope to offer programs at the following levels;

– Minors (players currently aged 8 and 9)
– Majors (players currently aged 10 and 11)
– Juniors (players currently aged 12 and 13)
Note: we are also looking for coaches to help at each level.
The season is scheduled to start on September 14th and end after Thanksgiving. It will consist of 1-2 weekend games and a practice during the week. Games will either be between Glebe teams or exhibition games set up with other leagues. Depending on registration in certain divisions, there may be an interlocking schedule with other local leagues.
The cost is $85 per player and registration can be done by completing the form in the link below. Payment can be made in any of the following ways:
By etransfer – send to allanmartel@allanmartelconsulting.com
By cash or cheque – mail to GLL Treasurer, 96 Maple Lane, Ottawa, ON, K1M 1H5
Registration is done on a first come basis and payment is required to secure your player’s spot. If you have any questions, feel free to contact glebelittleleague@gmail.com
We hope to see everyone on the diamond this fall!

Additional Information:

Visit the Where We Play page to see a map of our zone.

Everyone makes a team, the teams are as well-balanced as we volunteers can make them, and the emphasis is on: safety, fun, skill development, and lifelong love of the game, in exactly that order of priority. Players are encouraged to try all sorts of positions, regardless of previous experience and innate ability. Coaches, in turn, are encouraged to let the players try out as many positions as they want, and to bring them along – emphasizing an understanding and appreciation of the different positions, and the nurturing of increasing levels of confidence and skill in those positions. Where safety and personal confidence are at greatest stake – i.e., pitching and catching – the only exceptions are that no player is put into a game in those positions, until he/she has had adequate preparation in practice.

Equipment/gear required:

  •  – Baseball glove is required.
  •  – Running shoes or cleats
  •  – Athletic support (“cup”) is only required for those interested in playing catcher
  •  – GLL provides a few bats to each team. If players have their own, they are encouraged to bring them.
  •  – GLL provides a few batting helmets to each team. Again, if players have their own, they are encouraged to bring them.
  •  – GLL provides catching equipment for each team