Annual Meetings

Annual Meetings

Minutes of GLL AGM – November 5, 2018

 225 March Way Landsdowne, Ottawa


  1. Welcome
    1. The President welcomed GLL members to the 2018 AGM at 19H00.
  2. Sort Outs
    1. Coaches will be asked to evaluate players on their teams at the end of each season as input to Sort Outs in the following year.
  3. Winterball & FallBall coaches needed for GLL to operate in these seasons
    1. Winterball looks good for 2019
    2. Facilities at Ste Anne and Samuel Genest Schools reserved for Winter Skills Training. Ste Anne for Rookies; Samuel Genest for Minors 7 higher.
  4. Minors Player Development
    1. Proposal to move from One Practice, Two Games schedule to a Two Practices One Game schedule for Springball with one or more weekend tournaments to ensure minimum of 12 games played in Spring.
  5. Coach Mentoring
    1. New coaches will be encouraged to schedule joint practices with experienced mentor coaches at the beginning of each season.
  6. Rookies Division will adopt the Little League Coach Pitch program for 2019.
    1. There is a full set of practice plans for skills development available.
  7. SummerBall tryouts will be June 1st or earlier, likely in Gloucester
  8. The GLL Online Christmas store will be operational by December 1, 2018.
  9. For the 2019 season there will be no upward player movement between Divisions.
    1. Downward movement for safety reasons will be allowed, indeed encouraged.
  10. The following BoD positions were confirmed at the AGM:
    1. President                  Allan Martel
    2. VP Operations         Eric Torunski
    3. Steve Fraser             Director at large
    4. Camielle Lang           Marketing
    5. Nadra Khan             Apparel
    6. Scott Taylor             Sponsorship and Volunteer Coordinator


  1. The Meeting ended at 21H00, as scheduled.

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