Age Groups & Divisions

Glebe Little League offers baseball programs for girls and boys from age 4 to 18. A player’s division is based on their “league age,” as defined by the international Little League organization. You can use 2018 “league agecalculator on their website, or you can determine it from their 2018 “league age” table.

Our registration system for Spring and Summer is designed to place your child in the correct division based on the birth date you enter for each participant. Divisions and “league ages” generally break down as follows, but for some divisions it depends on the month; you can check the little league calculator to be certain.

  • T-Ball – 4-6 yrs
  • Rookie – 7-8 yrs
  • Minor – 9-10 yrs
  • Major – 11-12 yrs
  • Junior – 13-14 yrs
  • Senior – 15-16 yrs
  • 19U – 17-19 yrs

Occasionally, players may play down a level if they are brand new to baseball or haven’t quite hit their growth spurt yet. Rarely, players are allowed to play up a level. This is allowed only at the discretion of the conveners and coaches, once they have formed teams, and evaluated the player’s strength, size and ability. Safety is always the number one priority.