Sort Outs on April 7 and 14

Sort Outs on April 7 and 14
April 4, 2018 glebeadmin

The sort outs evaluations for Minors, Majors, Juniors and Seniors will take place at the Louis Riel HS Dome in Blackburn Hamlet on Saturday, April 6, 2019 between 14H00 and 17H00 and Saturday April 13, 2018 between 10H00 and 13H00.  (2019 time slots TBD)
Players are required to participate in one of the two sessions listed below for their appropriate age group.

Sat April 6
Minors – 14H00 – 15H00 TBD
Majors – 15H00 – 16H00 TBD
Juniors/Seniors – 16H00 – 17H00 TBD

Sat April 13
Minors – 10H00 – 11H00 TBD
Majors – 11H00 – 12H00 TBD
Juniors/Seniors – 12H00 – 13H00 TBD

Players should arrive up to 30 minutes in advance of their sessions to sign in, receive a number/bib and warm up.

There will be 5 separate evaluation stations: Agility, Fly Ball, Ground Ball, Hitting and Pitching (speed and accuracy).

Scores will be provided on a scale of 10 and each station will be provided an equal weight.

Players from each division will then be ranked based on their scores.

Tier A and Tier B will be formed based on the player rankings and on the caliber of the players in each division.

It should be noted that failure to participate in the sort outs may result in your player being seeded in the ‎lower tier.

Players who have made an official request at the time of registration to play down a division for safety-related reasons should also participate in the sort out session of both divisions.  Requests will then be reviewed on a case-by-case basis on the performance of the player vis a vis the other players in each division.



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